A Unique Training Experience

This innovative and research-driven training experience has the collaborative support of three Canadian universities (McGill University, University of Ottawa and University of Saskatchewan), Health Canada and a network of partners in the Canadian cannabis industry. Students must be registered full-time and paid internships in the public or private sector (3-4 months for MSc and 7-8 months for PhD) are mandatory.

Graduate student trainees participating
in the in QAQCC Program will:

  • Fulfill graduate degree requirements in their respective programs, as outlined by their participating university.

  • Complete internships with a cannabis license holder or Health Canada. MSc internships (3-4 months) and PhD internships (7-8 months; can be broken down into two summer semesters) usually begin in May of each year. Aligning with the student’s interests, project objectives are determined by the principal investigator and industry partner prior to internship start dates.

  • Enroll in professional development/enrichment courses that promote job readiness and are uniquely designed for the QAQCC Program.

  • Participate in research symposia that disseminate knowledge, facilitate communication and form links between academics and leaders in the cannabis industry.

  • Develop hard and soft professional skills that allow for smooth transition into the workforce, whether in academia, the public or private sectors.